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Benchmarking Analysis

Nevada System of Higher Education
The Nevada Board of Regents, through the Nevada System of Higher Education, was looking to determine common goals between institutions to increase efficiency.

CSS was engaged by the Nevada Board of Regents to complete a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking research on its two flagship institutions – the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Nevada-Reno had moved into the Mountain West Conference in 2010, joining its sister institution UNLV, a conference member since 1999. While both institutions are Division I institutions competing in the same conference, the Board was interested in determining common goals that could be integrated into more efficient and successful operations, particularly as competitive success and revenue/expense.


CSS completed an extensive review of both UNLV and Nevada-Reno, which included multiple visits to each campus. As stated, the review focused on areas of concern related to competitiveness, finances, and intercollegiate athletics aspirations at both institutions. Exhaustive research was conducted in all areas. A final report was submitted, and a subsequent presentation made to the Nevada Board of Regents.


The Board was able to determine common ground between the two schools and their athletics enterprises, as well as areas of significant differences, particularly in goals and missions.  This aided the Board relative to its support and decision-making for both institutions.

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