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Is it time to step back and take stock of your department so you can identify new opportunities and where you have room for improvement? Our team of experts at College Sports Solutions has experience in athletic department and conference offices and has held some of the highest offices in intercollegiate athletics, giving us a unique position from which to evaluate every aspect of your operations.

Our final analysis will give you the roadmap you need to leverage your existing resources along with suggestions that will guide your future.

We help athletic departments assess their strengths and weaknesses and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Benchmarking against peers

Benchmarking of future planning for any athletic department. Using our considerable resources, we’re able to show you exactly how you stack up against your peers. We benchmark areas such as:

  • Salaries
  • Financial Aid
  • Administration
  • Ticket Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing/Multimedia
  • Licensing
  • …and more
College athletics benchmarking

Areas of review

Each university has its unique setting, circumstances, resources, and culture. There are many different ways to effectively put together and then manage a productive organization, dependent upon the unique circumstances of each school. Our team will provide review and analysis of athletic department organization and staffing, including structure, job descriptions, policies and procedures, internal and external controls, communication and messaging.

As costs continue to escalate in college athletics, it is essential that athletic departments operate efficiently and cost-effectively, while maintaining their competiveness at the highest levels possible. The CSS team can assist the institution in developing plans to maximize resources, no matter the size of the school or the budget. Our services include evaluation of all business operations, and analysis of their effectiveness.

Athletic facilities clearly play a major role in today’s intercollegiate athletic world. The CSS team will evaluate current facilities and provide comparative data, to be utilized by universities and athletic departments to identify and then accomplish their facility goals. Our team’s experience in the operation of athletic facilities can assist schools in operating their facilities in the most efficient manner possible. We will help identify plans and implement solutions in this important area.

Creating an effective marketing plan and maximizing sponsorship dollars is no easy task for an athletic department, particularly those with limited resources. The experience of the CSS team at both the local and national levels gives us a platform from which to offer services in this area. We will analyze an institution’s operations, staffing and its market, and assist with creative solutions that can increase revenue and enhance relationships with partners and fans.

Our team will also assist with identifying and maximizing the university and athletic brand(s), developing media strategies, and crisis management policies and tactics with the goal of proactively codifying, protecting and positioning the brand for maximum utilization and revenue growth.

The academic experience for student-athletes is paramount. Graduation of all student-athletes is the goal of each institution. CSS conducts reviews of the structure, coverage, and effectiveness of an athletic department’s academic program and processes, covering initial and continuing eligibility, academic support systems, classroom performance, APR strategies, and graduation rates.  Benchmarks and best practices are provided as part of this service.

Great focus is placed today on the student-athletes’ welfare and experience at each institution. CSS provides review and analysis in this area, with focus on the overall culture, the academic experience, travel, facilities, life skills, community involvement, recruiting, and compliance.

With the continual and rapid rise in operating expenses, universities are becoming increasingly reliant upon charitable contributions to sustain successful athletic programs. The CSS team has been involved in raising millions of dollars for athletic departments throughout the country. For a program of any size, we assess the effectiveness of current development efforts, including annual funds, major gifts, capital projects, and endowments; offering best practices and solutions tailored to the unique needs of each school.

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Our Clients

Some of the clients we’ve assisted with operational review include: