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Multimedia Rights

It is becoming increasingly important for athletic departments to take charge when it comes to multimedia rights. One of the fastest growing revenue sources for athletics, multimedia rights present a complex mix of legal and business issues. Our team of attorneys and former athletic administrators are well-versed in every aspect of multimedia rights and can assist departments with taking control of their rights or negotiating terms with third-party service providers with an eye on maximizing this important revenue category.

We help our clients maximize their most valuable rights.

What we do

Creating an effective marketing plan and maximizing sponsorship dollars is no easy task for an athletic department, particularly those with limited resources. The experience of the CSS team at both the local and national levels gives us a platform from which to offer services in this area. We will analyze an institution’s operations, staffing and its market, and assist with creative solutions that can increase revenue and enhance relationships with partners and fans.

Our team will also assist with identifying and maximizing the university and athletic brand(s), developing media strategies, and crisis management policies and tactics with the goal of proactively codifying, protecting and positioning the brand for maximum utilization and revenue growth.

Today’s college sports landscape is blanketed with diverse radio and television deals, often complicated by national, conference and local agreements. Potentially productive deals are often hampered by distribution difficulties, exclusivity, prioritization, and management problems. The CSS team has extensive experience with radio and television agreements at the institutional, conference and national levels. Our experience and knowledge of the practical and the legal sides of such transactions are a valuable resource as institutions and conferences work through those processes.

The CSS team will perform a review of client’s website and social media strategies and implementation, with evaluation as to their current effectiveness, and recommendations, where appropriate, on improvement. Comprehensive study of the current website, the information it provides, the ease with which it can be navigated, and the tools available to its users. Examination of the current utilization of social media opportunities such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Collaboration with client on a strategic plan and its implementation relative to the website and all social media opportunities.

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Our Clients

Some of the clients we’ve assisted with multimedia rights include: