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In today’s 24/7 news cycle, athletic departments are faced with coverage and opinions across traditional media, online media and even social media. From getting out ahead of stories to responding in crisis situations, your on-campus communications professionals are often spread thin and need additional outside support to help the department communicate with its community and key stakeholders.

We have compiled a team with both on-campus experience and substantial media experience to assist our clients with a variety of communication needs.

As many athletic departments have learned, not all publicity is good publicity.

Our services

Carrie Gerlach Cecil is the founder of Anachel Communications, a communications strategy powerhouse that crafts informative, protective, consistent, creative and timely sports, corporate and entertainment industry campaigns to positively enhance an entity’s bottom line. Her team provides senior level executive care and hands-on counsel to establish public relations plans to positively position for growth and success.

CSS and the team at Anachel Communications understands that the first 72-hours prior to, during and following an internal or external public relations issue is crucial to a university’s funding, recruiting, sales, and legacy as well as advantageous or detrimental to the tenure and reputation of school leaders, executives, coaches and players. From network television broadcasting deals to social media images, there has never been a more critical mandate to construct and implement short and long-term strategic and tactical plans and messaging to protect the university’s image, credibility and bottom line. Do not wait until it is too late to ensure that your university has a tactical crisis management and public relations plan in place.

Carrie Gerlach Cecil, preeminent executive image consultant and speech writing specialist, pens speeches and messaging for CEOs, and presidents of professional sports leagues, owners of sports franchises, executives at sports networks, athletic directors, and both professional and collegiate head and assistant coaches and players, as well as creating talking points that encompass legal and branding issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.

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