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College Sports Solutions brings together former administrators, coaches, attorneys and media experts to help athletic departments and conferences make decisions armed with both research and real-world experience.

Solving problems or charting a new course within athletic departments or conferences requires not only data but also experts who can analyze that data and apply it practically to the situation at hand. The breadth of experience on our team is unmatched and allows us to arm our clients with the knowledge they need to make the best decision for their unique situation.

Jeff Schemmel


Jeff Schemmel
Jeff Schemmel

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A team of experts with extensive knowledge and years of practical experience and leading intercollegiate athletic programs.


Quantitative and qualitative research and analysis methods in order to provide the best information available to assist with those decisions.


A confidential, ethical, communicative and transparent approach to all services performed.

The CSS TeamLed by CSS Founder and President Jeff Schemmel, the CSS internal and external team consists of an outstanding and diverse group of industry-leading consultants.

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Why Choose us


Our consultants have over 1,050 years of experience as athletic directors, coaches, conference commissioners, attorneys and more.


We have assembled an experienced team of consultants from a variety of backgrounds to ensure a thoughtful approach to all situations.


Our team keeps extensive databases that allow us to present plans and solutions based on the latest industry trends.


The nature of our work requires a confidential, ethical, communicative and transparent approach to all services performed.

Core Services

As costs continue to escalate in college athletics, it is essential that athletic departments operate efficiently and cost-effectively, while maintaining their competitiveness at the highest levels possible. The CSS team can assist the institution in developing plans to maximize resources, no matter the size of the school or the budget. Our services include evaluation of all business operations, staffing, facilities, sport sponsorship and analysis of their effectiveness.

Finding and securing top coaches and administrators who fit the culture of a university or conference is critical. With our vast industry experience and strong relationships nationwide, CSS offers the very best in executive search services. Our proprietary database of coaches and administrators as well as our extensive relationships throughout the collegiate community provide university presidents and athletic directors the very best information and knowledge to assist them in making informed decisions about their next coach or administrator.

It is becoming increasingly important for athletic departments to take charge when it comes to multimedia rights. One of the fastest growing revenue sources for athletics, multimedia rights present a complex mix of legal and business issues. Our team of attorneys and former athletic administrators are well-versed in every aspect of multimedia rights and can assist departments with taking control of their rights or negotiating terms with third-party service providers with an eye on maximizing this important revenue category.

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